5 Wedding Entertainment Ideas For The Modern Bride

Keeping your guests entertained is your goal, and with the right wedding entertainment, it's not a problem. Here are five interesting entertainment ideas that can keep guests dancing and having a good time.  Add Festival Games If you're going for an outdoor or themed wedding, festival games can spice up the event. There are many different kinds of games you can try, from toy fishing ponds for children to ring toss for adults. Read More 

Holding Your Own High-End Disney Princess Surprise Birthday Party For Your Daughter

There's something about Disney princesses that capture the imagination of girls around the world. If your Disney-obsessed daughter is having a birthday soon and you really want to give her an incredible party, pull out all the stops by investing in this high-end Disney princess surprise birthday party. Brainstorm The Most Popular Princesses To Include Pay attention to the princesses your daughter talks about and take note of which ones she seems to relate to the most. Read More